Protect yourself against imitation massage

Looking for a massage therapist in NEW YORK? Then look for the initials LMT, which stands for Licensed Massage Therapist) after the person's name. Don't see the initials LMT?
Finding a real massage therapist starts by Asking!
Ask "Are you a New York State licensed and registered massage therapist?".

If you've called a spa or multi-person business, Ask "Does a New York State licensed and registered massage therapist perform the massage service?". In a spa setting nail technicians and estheticians may only perform ultra light massage for the purpose spreading moisturizer or product within the pedicure or facial service. Deep kneading on any part of the body is outside of their scope of practice and puts you at risk! Massage can be dangerous in the wrong hands particularly if you already have pain or a medical condition.

Less than scrupulous business owners will try to fool you by replying "yes, of course my business is licensed". Don't be fooled. Unique license numbers are issued to each person not as an umbrella for an entire business. 

A real NY State Licensed Massage Therapist will be able to answer your questions without hesitation and will appreciate that you are taking the time to ASK intelligent questions! Protecting yourself starts by simply ASKING
  • Registration: LMTs in NY must re-register every 3 years in addition must complete a minimum of 36 hours continuing education every 3 years.
  • Education: ask where they were educated 
  • Answer: You should receive straight forward replies 
  • License: You can verify an individual's license and registration info online at: http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm

Get the therapist's full name - check their credentials online: select the profession "Massage Therapist" then type last person's last name followed by a space and then type first name. Click HERE



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