Flexibility in a Small area = huge performance impact

Whether my  massage clients are a marathoners, bi-athletes, or ironmen/women, they are always pleasantly surprised by the positive effect which occurs after I've increased their ankle and big toe flexibility through massage and stretching. Focused work in this small area can have a big impact for your gait and ease of movement.

Take the following flexibility tests and solutions for the ankle and big toe:Ankle flexibility test

  1. Sit barefoot with heels flat on the floor.
  2. Have something vertical in front of you, like a wall or foam roller.
  3. Place the tips of your toes against the wall
  4. Without moving your feet, scoot forward until your knees touch the wall
If either or both heels come of the floor, one or both of your ankle lacks flexibility.
Learn the solution and big toe flexibility test in Much Kneaded Massage's October newsletter



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